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Master Course-British Etiquette Training Course

Clarence Thomas once said that"Good manners will open the doors that the best education cannot".Our outward appearance and the way we interact with other people are very important for playing a good role in our daily life. People will need to create a good first impression when they meet others for the first time and gain trust from others. For parents, it is necessary to take their children to social networking events and show them how to behave well. The social confidence will be a lifelong skill that makes them outstanding...


The UK-China Culture and Education Exchange Centre pays much attention to the cultural communication programs, especially the art exchange programs. The International Piano (Music) Master Class is one of our major projectsof art communication between China and the UKor other European countries...


Art is a very important part of culture and there are so many forms of art expressions. International art festivals provide opportunities for all kinds of art groups or individuals to perform in front of the whole world and communicate with other artists and art lovers...


In order to promote the cooperation and culture exchanges between China and the United Kingdom, we are dedicated to the sister school project. We work hard to establish the links between schools in China and the UK and encourage the friendly exchanges among students in sister schools, which provide more opportunities for teachers and students to understand and learn about the cultural differences between two nations.


Every country has its own national culture and customs. We have successfully held the Chinese New Year in the UK (Guildford) during the Chinese Spring Festival in 2018. Therewere a lot of Chinese performances and products displayed onthat event, sucH as traditional Chinese food, Chinese music an( dancing, lion dancing, calligraphy, opera singing, Chinese knot, traditional Chinese instruments and other souvenirs.


The lovely panda is Chinese-specific and honored as Chinese National Treasure. The panda is not only important for the protection of endangered species, but also is an important representative of friendly attitude for other countries showed by Chinese government in diplomatic activities. After several decades of effort, there were around 2060 wild pandas in the world by the end of 2016. The protection of giant pandas is still an important issue of concern.


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